Happy children mean happy parents. See what our parents have to say about us.

“Little Monkey’s has been such a breath of fresh air for both my children. The staff and facilities are excellent and the grounds where the children play and develop are fabulous. The nursery have supported both of my children from the ages of 14 months up to now where my son is about to start school in September. I cannot thank them enough for all their help and support over the years, a really friendly set of staff that look after your children the way you do as a parent.” Hannah McElkerney

“Returning to work after having a baby is a vulnerable time for any mother, especially new mothers. Handing your child over and walking away, even to a job that you love, can make you feel very anxious and quickly bring on the inevitable Mother’s Guilt. When I have those stomach-turning moments I remind myself…the team are caring for her, she is getting amazing development, she is having lots of messy fun, and most importantly, Savannah is happy. I know this because she beams big smiles and reaches out for the staff at drop off, because when I pick her up she’s usually engaged in a wonderful activity or toy, and because the team tell me that she is happy – and I trust them. Registering Savannah at Little Monkeys has reduced my Mother’s Guilt as I know I’ve made a great choice for her personal and developmental welfare.”

“Both my children have really enjoyed going to Little Monkeys the girls that work there seem to genuinely love their jobs and really care about all the little individual characters they look after.”

“The reason we love Little Monkeys is it has a real family feel to it. Everyone is so friendly and really cares about what they do and the children they look after. One of our favourite things about the nursery is that all the food is all prepared freshly each day on site – also that the children have 2 hot meals a day. We also love the garden which is huge, is secluded and full of outdoor toys.”

“My son has attended nursery since March 2016, he started when he was 9 months old and has always loved going to nursery. The staff are caring and knowledgeable, they completely make me feel at ease when leaving my little one in their care. The nursery is a home from home, the staff listen to my wishes and when he was smaller, followed his home sleep and eating routine – now he is a toddler he follows nursery routine and thrives. The transition into the pre-toddler room was smooth and I was kept well informed. I have already attended two parents evenings and loved looking through his learning journey and seeing how he has developed, I am included in my child’s learning and I know what is happening in the nursery and how I can support my little one at home – my son is always doing new things and I know nursery has supported him in achieving this. The outside space is amazing and my son goes out everyday. I highly recommend Little Monkeys.”

“I am so grateful that you’ve re-opened , our daughter was so happy to return, it makes me feel so much better about being at work to know she’s safe, having fun and well cared for whilst I’m not there. A friend’s little boy is starting with you soon and I couldn’t have recommended you any higher!”

“When looking for a nursery for my son, I wanted him to go somewhere that was like a ‘home from home’ environment. I felt this when visiting Little Monkeys. The atmosphere at the setting felt welcoming, safe and fun. Myself and my child felt very welcomed to the nursery and the opportunity to have settling in sessions was highly beneficial. There are plenty of activities on offer to ensure that he has a range of experiences and I love hearing about what he has done at the end of the day. Having nutritious food cooked on site was also important to me when choosing a nursery, he has a wide variety of foods provided. All the staff are lovely and open to talk about your child which is important as a parent and consistent for the child. I would recommend Little Monkeys for anyone seeking high quality care for their child.”

“Communication is good and the staff are welcoming and friendly. Both my children enjoy playing in the lovely garden and doing the various messy play and arts and crafts activities.”

“The reason we chose Little Monkeys was that the atmosphere was so lovely when we visited. Small room sizes made it feel like friends looking after her rather than having as many babies as they could fit in. The outdoor space was also a big factor. It’s a proper garden.”

“My son has been so happy at this nursery and all the staff have reassured me every step of the way from when he started. From settling in as we all know can be difficult for mums and children, they were so good and kept me updated on. Going up and changing rooms they’ve done the same. They’re all more than willing to help with anything and are brilliant people to have around my son. He loves it there and enjoys his time there.”

“When choosing a nursery, it can be so overwhelming – lots of options and such an emotional decision. I knew Little Monkeys would be right for my daughter as they have mastered the perfect balance between education/development plus fun/care. The staff here are phenomenal in helping babies settle in and they gave me great tips and support. Having an on-site chef and homemade meals epitomises the ‘at home’ feel to this nursery. My 9-month-old daughter is very happy here – smiles from drop off to pick up!”

“We first came to Little Monkeys as it had a warm friendly family environment. With a baby with various medical and dietary requirements we were worried what child care to choose. Little Monkeys has been outstanding in meeting all our needs, we are very happy with her care and my child is now a bright, happy, caring and confident child ready for school.”

“The reason we love Little Monkeys is it has a real family feel to it. Everyone is so friendly and really cares about what they do and the children they look after. One of our favourite things about the nursery is that all the food is all prepared freshly each day on site – also that the children have 2 hot meals a day. We also love the garden which is huge, is secluded and full of outdoor toys.”

“All three of my children have attended Little Monkeys Nursery and I truly believe it’s is a very special place. A real home from home for my boys over the last 7 years and I wouldn’t want to have left them anywhere else. Kind, caring and compassionate staff along with great food is the key to it’s success!”

“Our daughter spent 4 years here and I don’t think she ever once cried at drop off or said she didn’t want to go! Our son is now in his second year here, he is more timid but his confidence has really grown since he started. The staff are excellent, friendly, welcoming and kind to the children.”

“The most important thing about a nursery to me is the staff and the Little Monkey’s staff are fantastic. A pleasure to interact with, very enthusiastic, caring and capable. The facilities are also very good, the very large outside garden is a great space for the children and the different activities they do (gardening, Spanish, scrummies, music) are also a bit hit with my two children. I had some great support from my children’s key workers recently, especially when my eldest went through a stage of not wanting to come to preschool – the keyworker suggested ideas for ways to improve the situation and soon after he was back to happily going off to preschool. In the baby room, the staff are wonderful too and they do some really fantastic activities with the babies, new messy play and craft activities every week. The food being cooked fresh on site and the children having two proper hot meals a day is also a huge positive – I am amazed at how much my two will eat there compared with home.”

“My daughter has been to Little Monkey’s since she was 9 months old.
After being turned down by a few childminders who deemed her too much additional work as she has some slight disabilities, I thought I would never find childcare. Taking her to Little Monkey’s was the best decision I could ever have made.
From day 1, her care has been nothing short of exemplary. Never had any tears being left there, loved every minute. Her education has far exceeded my expectations knowing her ABCs, 123’s and able to count to 20 in French and Spanish by the start of 2nd-year Preschool is amazing.
The staff are always consistently supportive of her needs and very inclusive in everything they do. I would describe Little Monkey’s as having a very homely feel to it, they care about the children as opposed to doing things just to get a tick in a box.
Very sad to leave Pre School but my daughter is now a very confident, caring and outgoing little girl despite her needs and very prepared for her new life at school. Highly recommend this nursery to anyone.”